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Original Programming on KWHB TV-47
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LeSEA in Action

Airs Tuesday at 10:00am

Saturday at 11:00pm

The mission of LeSEA in Action is to creatively communicate and display the global outreaches of LeSEA Broadcasting, LeSEA Ministries and LeSEA Global Feed Hungry. Through in-depth exploration and analysis, LeSEA in Action presents the stories and testimonies of countless believers touched by LeSEA’s vision: to reach the untold billions yet untold. Through viewer and listener response, LeSEA in Action strives to motivate the viewer to contribute to the specific outreaches of the ministry.

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Lester Sumrall Teachings

 Airs Monday through Friday at 2:00 AM, 9:30 AM, and 9:30 PM

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Live From Studio B

Airs Wednesday at 10:30am

Saturday at 8:00pm

Live From Studio B is a live to tape 30 minute Christian music program. The show’s intimate venue places the artists in a personal setting to create an exceptional viewing experience. The program has been able to showcase may of the top Christian music artists as well as providing up and coming bands the chance to take the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

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Making Healthy Choices

Airs Monday - Friday at 3:00am 

Wednesday 11:00am

Friday 6:00am

Saturday at 2:30am and 11:30pm

The goal of Making Healthy Choices is to educate viewers on the proper use of nutrients in healing and enhancing their total health - mind, body and spirit. They strive to provide their customers with quality resources in the form of superb vitamin-mineral supplements and nutritional information. Funds raised from all product and book sales generated by Making Healthy Choices are used to support the ongoing ministry and humanitarian projects undertaken by LeSEA Broadcasting throughout the world. Visit the Events page, to find a schedule for the Making Healthy Choices program.

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The Harvest Show

Airs Monday - Friday at 8:00am and 8:00pm

Sunday at 11:00am

Tuesday-Friday 1:00am

The Harvest Show is an integral part of the LeSEA Broadcasting Newtork daily connection with people around the world. Through it we are able to share the vision of the ministry, give tools to help you on your Christian walk, and pray with our partners for their needs and concerns.

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